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We’re Full of It

By Eric Morningstar

Full of bologna, that is.

The E.D.S. Sauce Guys BBQ sells the best smoked bologna sandwiches you’ve ever eaten.

As a matter of fact, most people tell me that they have never heard of smoking bologna.

Well, that’s why The Sauce Guys are here.

To save you from food boredom. 😴

I know what you may be thinking...

Bologna is just bologna. Not that exciting.

Although it may not rise to the culinary heights that steak enjoys, when you grill a thick slice of bologna, something about life just seems better.

It’s comforting.

And that’s exactly why Denim and I found a way to elevate this classic comfort food in the E.D.S. Sauce Guy’s style.

We smoke thick slices of premium, all-beef bologna every Thursday through Saturday at our Mt. Gilead restaurant so it’s fresh for every customer.

Then we serve it with your choice of lettuce, onion, and tomato on a toasted bagel.

Perhaps the best part is the E.D.S. sauce on the side.

That’s right.

You can pour whatever bourbon, BBQ, or mustard sauce in the E.D.S. arsenal on your bologna.

There’s 14 amazing flavors to choose from.

Just like a bell ringing gives an angel their wings, E.D.S. sauce gives bologna a heavenly lift.

Why don’t you come to Mt. Gilead and order a smoked bologna meal?

You’ll get a mouth-watering smoked bologna sandwich and two of our exclusive sides.

And you can buy some E.D.S. sauce to take home.

If you can’t come to the restaurant any of the stores near you that carry our sauces, then go to our webstore to replenish your E.D.S. The Sauce Guys stash.

Can’t wait to see you there!


P.S. If you like E.D.S. The Sauce Guys, please leave a comment below and share this post on your social media page!

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