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The story of “The Sauce Guys” starts all the way back to the 4th of July party in 2015. Ribs were served for the first time with bourbon sauce we had made ourselves. The sauce was a hit, not only did people love it but many said they would pay to have it again. From that day on “The Sauce Guys” were born. After perfecting our recipe and taking some advice from our wives we started experimenting with more and more ingredients. Fruits, beer, and different types of peppers. Tossing in twenty dollars apiece we started canning our sauce once a week. Eventually, we moved to two times a week, then three, and then more. We took a step of faith and started a business. Ever since then we have been growing consistently every year expanding into restaurants and stores alike. And so, with God and our family backing us, we now have more than ten different sauces in over 50 locations. Praise God for the opportunities ahead.
We welcome you to the E.D.S. Bourbon Sauce family.
Bring us into your home, and bring family dinner back to the table
May God Bless You and Yours,
Eric and Denim
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