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Bourbon Cream Cheese Spread on A Slow Smoked Burger

By Denim Franklin

Burgers are an American grill staple. And even though they aren’t fancy, I love burgers.

Let me show you a way to cook your next burger in a way that will raise eyebrows at your next family meal.

The Meat

Buy hamburger that’s at least 80/20 so it doesn’t shrink too much.

Place the hamburger in a bowl and season to taste. I like to use steak/brisket seasoning.

If you want some awesome seasoning to impress your guests, buy some Red Beard Seasoning. Make 4.5 oz burger patties. You definitely want them to fit to the edges of a hamburger bun!

The Cook

This recipe is all about slow and low, baby!

Throw time out the window and cook the burgers at a 225 degrees using your preference of smoking chips, pellets, or charcoal.

Cook them until your patties reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees if you like your hamburgers well done.

If you prefer your hamburger with a little pink, try cooking it to 145 degrees.

The Magic

Here’s the knock-your-taste-buds-out-of-this-world part...

Grab a 12 oz tub of whipped cream cheese or an 8 oz block of cream cheese. Then mix that with about an ounce of your favorite E.D.S. Bourbon Sauce. Add more or less to taste.

The creamy, salty of the cream cheese sets off the sweet and smoky flavor of the bourbon sauce so well that your slow, smoked burger will be a huge hit!!

The E.D.S. Sauce Guys are here to provide you with premium sauces designed to enhance your culinary experience.

Visit our webstore and order the sauce that will set your burgers apart from the rest.

And don’t forget, we’re selling southern style BBQ at The E.D.S. Sauce Guys BBQ in Mt. Gilead every

Thursday and Friday from 4-9 pm and Saturday 12-7 pm.

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