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A Dream Come True

By Denim Franklin

Eric and I are now working full time for E.D.S. The Sauce Guys!!

We’ve been working full time jobs and running E.D.S. as a side hustle for the past six years.

The work, ups and downs, and scary moments were all worth it.

I want to thank Cooper’s Mill for being a great place to work.

I was their jelly factory supervisor for the past 2.5 years.

Dan and Rhonda were amazing to work with. Thank you, guys!

Cooper’s Mill has been a huge part of the Sauce Guys journey.

They have been making our sauces in their commercial facilities since we started.

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.

Cooper’s Mill in Bucyrus isn’t just a sauce and jelly factory, they have a store that sells their products.

They make amazing apple butter, jams, relishes, and sauces you can’t get anywhere else.

Not only that, they have a sister company called Crossroads Candles that make high-quality scented candles.

Check out Cooper’s website here.

Or visit them in Bucyrus here.

You won’t be disappointed!

I’ve caught myself laughing throughout this week because I still can’t believe that I get to wake up every morning to work at a job that I helped to create.

A job that I love.

God took two average guys and helped them to become business owners.

What dreams do you have?

Whatever you do, please don’t give up.

Do the hard work, pray to God, and give it time.

Success is sweet.


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