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The Menu

By Eric Morningstar

Our days are packed preparing for E.D.S. Sauce Guys BBQ in Mt. Gilead, OH.

Denim and I have always dreamed of opening a restaurant and we are on the cusp of that dream becoming reality.

Among all the things we’ve had to do to open, the menu has been uppermost in mind.

What good are the updates, décor, and logistics if the food is no good?!

Squat. That’s what. 😉

Here’s what we’re going to bring to the table when we open soon...

Southern Style Pork

I may not have been raised in the south, but I love the way they smoke pig.

We’ll be smoking our pulled pork Georgia-style sweetly tenderized.

Golden Bagels

I told you guys that we would serve the pulled pork with buns last post, but...


We found something better. 😃

We’re going to serve lightly toasted bagels to bookend our sandwiches.

They just have the right texture.

Their gently crisp exterior and chewy inside sets off the satisfying depth of pulled pork and E.D.S. sauce.

Made-From-Scratch Nuthouse Baked Beans

We’ve formulated a baked bean recipe using our Nuthouse BBQ sauce.

Our Nuthouse BBQ uses Millersburg Brewing Company’s Peanut Butter Porter Beer. It’s the perfect companion to navy beans.

Sweet Pineapple Coleslaw

You’ve never hade coleslaw so fresh and exciting as our pineapple coleslaw.

The pineapple gives the slaw a perfect sweet tanginess as well as complimenting the pork.

We know that some people don’t like baked beans or coleslaw, so we’ll have bags of potato chips ready as a substitute.

Smoked Cornbread


Yep. Smoked.

We are always trying to think outside the box and I can’t wait to see if this works.

We are currently in the research and development phase on this side.

It may just become the signature side to all our E.D.S. offerings!

Our menu should tick all the boxes of your BBQ cravings!

Do you have any suggestions for us? Let us know!

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