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The Beer Frontier

By Eric Morningstar

Ever get one of those crazy ideas that seems impossible but you know you have to try?

Well, that’s what got our Nuthouse BBQ sauce out of the gate.

I’ve had this idea that beer could be used to create great sauce for a long time.

And I’m glad I didn’t let that idea go to waste.

I met the owners of Millersburg Brewing Co. A couple of years ago and we hit it off right away.

They have a great assortment of craft beers on tap and a friendly atmosphere in their pub in Millersburg, OH.

You gotta visit them sometime.

Click here for directions to their tap room.

They have this porter called Nuthouse Peanut Butter Porter that I knew was perfect for an E.D.S. sauce.

And they used a peanut flavoring in the beer, so the sauce is non-allergenic!

Denim and I were able to create a mild BBQ sauce using Millersburg’s Nuthouse Porter that is unlike any other.

It’s full-bodied, slightly tangy, not too sweet, and nutty.

It strikes the perfect balance of BBQ and beer flavor.

It’s great on chicken and ribs.

But we have even bigger plans for it—baked beans!

The baked beans that we will serve at our carry out restaurant in Mt. Gilead, OH will be flavored with this delicious Nuthouse BBQ sauce.

Denim and his wife Jessica created this combo for the beans.

These beans taste amazing!

I love the beer and peanut flavor mixed with the pork and beans.

I’m sure you will too.

We are very close to opening E.D.S. Sauce Guys BBQ.

After a few city approvals, we’ll be given the greenlight.

We’ll keep you posted on our social media pages and this blog.

Thank you for your patience and undying support!

Now that we’ve experienced such a great thing with Millersburg Brewing Co., we have visions of finding other amazing craft beers in Ohio that could be used to create new sauces.

One day, we would love to offer an E.D.S. Ohio Brew Pack of sauces spotlighting the many brilliant craft beers throughout the state.

Do you know of any great microbreweries in Ohio that we should consider?

Leave a comment below!


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