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Some Like It Hot

By Eric Morningstar

From the beginning, E.D.S. The Sauce Guys have been all about innovation and exciting pairings of flavor in our sauces.

We’ve never been content with what has been.

Each sauce has been an exploration into the unknown and finely tuned for maximum palate pleasure.

The newest sauce on the block is no exception…


Manghost is our hottest sauce with its healthy dose of ghost chili. 🔥

I’m a big fan of spice, but spice is no good without flavor to back it up.

Manghost delivers on flavor.

It’s a mind-blowing combination of mango, ghost chili, lemon, and lime. 🤯

And with this unique combination of all-natural ingredients, Manghost is one of our most versatile sauces.

I love using this sauce on a pulled pork sandwich at E.D.S. The Sauce Guys BBQ.

The salty crispness of the pork rub, the sweet of the mango, the smoky heat of the ghost chili, and the brightness of the citrus make it hard to get back to work.


Oh, and you’ve gotta try it on Mexican food!

We’ve mixed it with sour cream and cream cheese before as a topping on Mexican dishes.

Wow! It’s so good.

Manghost is All-Natural.

Manghost has no dyes, preservatives, or synthetic flavorings.

You can have all the flavor and heat with nothing extra to burden your body.

Go to our web store and order a bottle of Manghost today.

C’mon, you know you like it hot.


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