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Ok! Ok! We’ll start a Restaurant...

By Eric Morningstar

So many of you have told us through the years,

“You should open a restaurant featuring your signature bourbon and BBQ sauces!”

We heard you and totally agreed with you.

After two years of trying to make something happen, I’m proud to announce...

E.D.S. Sauce Guys is transforming a storefront in Mt. Gilead, OH into a smoked meat, carry-out restaurant!

8 Sisters Bakery made this possible.

8 Sisters had outgrown their storefront on Main Street (St. Rt. 61/42).

So they went looking for entrepreneurs to open another great food business in their old building.

We’re so thankful for the owners of 8 sisters.

They made it happen for us.

We couldn’t be happier joining the Morrow County community!

What a great place to work the American Dream.

29 South Main St, Mt Gilead Ohio 43338

When you come, you can expect...

  • A simple menu offering our exclusive, slow-smoked pork. (You better believe I’ll be using my exceptional smoking methods to thrill your taste buds. 😉

  • Your choice of E.D.S. sauce—bourbon or BBQ.

  • A fresh, never-soggy bun. (In case you want handles on your smoked pork.)

  • Delectable sides to compliment the smoked, BBQ entre.

  • An array of bottled E.D.S. sauces for sale.

  • Smiles from our family!

We’ll give you a heads up before we open. Right now, we’re working hard to set up shop.

Once we’ve got everything ready, we will let you know when we’ll be opening.

Please ask us anything!

If you are curious about our new venture and want to be one of the first to try our food, contact us at -

And if you’re just excited about a BBQ place in Mt. Gilead, let us know!

We’d love to hear from you.


P.S. We are still running our spring sale on our website. Click HERE to get 10% off your online purchase when you type in the code SPRING21 at checkout.

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