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I Searched Everywhere For Great Sauce and Found This...

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

By Eric Morningstar

Picture of Eric and Tanya on the beach.
Me and Tanya on vacation.

Why is great bourbon sauce so much rarer than BBQ?!

Tanya (the 👰) and I had spent so many dates on the hunt for one.

We love BBQ, but we’ve always been huge fans of a succulent bourbon glaze.

More like suckers for that sweet, salty, tangy combo!

We were sitting at yet another restaurant.

Tanya kept raving about the sauce.

I thought to myself, “If only I could give my wife that flavor at home and watch her face light up like it is now.”

I asked the chef about this awesome sauce.

You better believe I went all Bobby Flay in the kitchen after that.

I knew I needed to get this sauce right for our July 4 party.

It made America great again in 2015...

It was so gratifying.

I stood there in the July heat in front of my homemade barrel smoker.

Friends were telling me how good the ribs were.

In between licking the sauce residue off their lips.


All I could see were bones on their plates and smiles on their faces.

And I’ll tell you what my friends told me...

The sauce made all the difference.

Bourbon Sauce makes all the Difference.

It had jazzed up our July 4th party and my friends raved about the food.

That got me back into the kitchen.

This time, I hauled Denim in there with me!

After a lot of experiments and advice from our wives, Denim and I landed on the perfect bourbon sauce.

Now I get to bask in that same delight and excitement around my grill and table every time I pull out E.D.S. Blackberry Bourbon Sauce.

So can you!

CLICK HERE for E.D.S. Blackberry Bourbon Sauce.

Don’t forget to use the promo code SPRING21 and get 10% off!

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