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3 Things People Don’t Know About E.D.S.

By Denim Franklin

Picture of Denim and Jessica Franklin
Me and my wife, Jessica

I’ve had many great firsts in my life like...

  • 1st time preaching a sermon.

(Don’t worry! Banging heads with Bibles is not my thing. 😉)

  • 1st time traveling out of the country.

(Kenya was beautiful and the people were amazing!)

  • 1st time starting a business.

It’s been almost six years since Eric and I started E.D.S Sauce Guys.

And it’s been a blast!

Here's 3 Things you may not know about E.D.S.

1. E.D.S. Sauce is sold in stores all over Ohio and Tennessee.

The first retailer to partner with us was Norris’ Grocery Store in Marion.

Holding a bottle of our sauce in Norris’ that day was surreal, man.

Like having your song played on the radio.

Norris doesn’t carry our sauce anymore, but you can find our sauces all over Ohio in stores like IGA in Shelby and Center St. Marketplace in Marion.

Our most recent retail partner is All Sauced Up in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

You’ve gotta go visit them when you’re down there.

They have everything you need to fix up unique recipes from sauces to salsas, jams to salad dressings, and kitchen gadgets to gourmet peanut butter.

2. EDS Sauce doesn’t cover up the food, it enhances it.

I’ve heard it so many times at the shows Eric and I attend...

“I like the flavor of my food...but sauce just covers up the food.”

Not E.D.S.!!

We reformulated bourbon sauce to enhance the natural flavor of food.

Our sauces are designed to complement the flavor of any kind of meat you are cooking.

We’ve even had success using the sauce on some vegetables. 😲

3. We’re working on starting a restaurant in 2021!

This is the thing I’m most excited about for E.D.S. this year.

Eric and I are in talks with some great people to start up a smoked meat, carry-out restaurant in Mt. Gilead, OH.

It’s our hope to have it up and running by summer.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress in future blog posts.

In the meantime, visit to satisfy all your sauce cravings.

God bless!


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